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Some of our customers have been kind enough to offer the following:

Thank you for your help.
Your group is obviously very professional!
Will be back at you for other parts as required.

Hope you have a fantastic Turkey Day.
All the best to you and yours.

God Bless


The dash and gauge cluster and harness all working together and working well, thanks to you.!!
Thanks again Davey!!!!

I have been shopping for parts for my Mercedes and BMW for a long time. I have spoken to dozens if not hundreds of customer service people over the years, and BY FAR, Davey Johnson has them all beat by a LONG SHOT when it comes to customer support, knowledge, care and patience when dealing with an UNknowlegeable customer!!! Always does what he says, and treat you as if you were the only customer out of a thousand he has. Overall, ive not found a better place , from pricing to customer care, that I would ever shop at first! Both Davey and cheryl have a GREAT business going on for automotive parts!!!!
Thanks to you both!!

Scot Cressman

Hello Davey,

I wanted to thank you for the great experience we had at European Automotive. With superior knowledge, fair pricing and fast shipping, why would we go anywhere else?



I received the replacement heater valve you sent.
You were totally helpful and sent a replacement for a defective part immediately and without question.
I thank you and will use your service whenever I need parts for my Jag.
Thank you, Davey.

Davey, last Friday, if you recall, I contacted you about a seat control switch for my 98 XK8. You didn't have one for my VIN number and suggested I try another facility in Atlanta. They didn't have one either and suggested I contact a place in Texas.

Later that day I managed to locate one in Hattisburg, MS and it should be here in the next day or so.

It would have so easy for you to just shrug your shoulders, but you didn't.

That's "one" of the reasons I like to contact you folks first. In this customer's mind you aren't trying to gouge anyone. Your prices are typically the best, and your staff is personable - which I appreciate.

Thanks for going above and beyond.


Worked perfectly, mirror and pump. Your are the go to guy.


To Whom It May Concern:

Hello. My name is Jennifer. I have recently had lots of problems from my Mercedes Benz and was beyond thrilled when I found your website. The parts I was searching for were cheaper from your automotive group than any other store or website I've found.

While this is something to be happy about, I can not express enough gratitude for DAVEY JOHNSON. He was very pleasant to work with, fast to respond to emails and helpful with any questions that I had. Being an Army wife, there are a lot of times I'm left to deal with car issues and other duties that I do not have much knowledge about due to my husband's long hours or time out of the country. While I don't mind to deal with these issues, it can be hard to know where to purchase parts or have services done. Sometimes as women, we can get ripped off from mechanics and talked into more parts & products than we don't need. It was so pleasing to know that Davey was not like this at all. I sent him numerous emails about the parts that I needed and he was quick to respond to every message. I didn't hesitate to send numerous messages as I am purchasing something from thousands of miles away.He was genuine with every question he answered and from research, I knew
he was giving me an extremely great deal. I felt at ease ordering parts all the way in Hawaii from your automotive group in Georgia!

I can't say enough what a pleasure it was working with Davey. His attention to detail, prompt service, and professionalism will make me a returning customer. I will definitely keep his contact information for myself and plan to pass it along to anyone who needs parts for luxury vehicles. I trust that he will help others just like he did me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this compliment. I know in the customer service industry, you probably get more compliants than compliments so I wanted make sure to point out the good service I received!


Thanks for your help with this part, still have not fitted but grateful for the quick shipping and great communication.


Thank you Davey Johnson for finding a Bosch starter for my 93 600SEL.... The part was mailed out on Wednesday and I got it on Friday. Great service, great prices and quick shipping. Highly recommended. Thanks again.


From: W Beauford

Subject: My new best friend European Automotive Group

I call the business shortly before closing on Thursday inquiring about a part. Dave told me he would check and call me back, he called me back in less than 5 minutes indicating he had the part. I was was driving to pick part up but it was close to closing I told him I would be in the following morning I arrived at the business shortly after opening. Upon my arrival my part was laid out in the office waiting for me. Excellent customer service. Thank you. I won't be doing business nowhere else. Part worked great car is running so sweet.

Sent from my iPad=


received the package. All is perfect. Thank you very much.

Regards from Germany


Davey, Arrived in good shape. Already on the car and looks great.THANKS again Nick

Thanks for all your help. You were great to deal with, honest and no BS. I will purchase from you again! All worked out great with the parts and on the road again.
Thank you

I just would like you to know I have dealt with a lot of shops you guys
are the best and I will use you exclusively first for my parts. I have
three Mercedes and I will always need something. Again thank you for your
help and your dedication to your customers.


The door module arrived yesterday and fixed my problem. Thank you so much for your help. I wrote in Jaguar forums about how helpful you were and I gave all the contact information.

Hey Dave sway bar arrived Tuesday in great shape I'm very pleased!

How much for the matching front to make my set match?

I just want to tell you that i have received the ventglass.
i am really satisfied and it was a pleasure making business with you.
Thank you for your supporting.


The door module arrived yesterday and fixed my problem. Thank you so much for your help. I wrote in Jaguar forums about how helpful you were and I gave all the contact information.

I recently bought a rear seat for my 2000 BWM 323i and had it shipped to Live Oak TX. Great seat and it was even better than I thought it would be. Thanks. Now I need a pair of beige sun visors. Any chance you can help with that?


A couple of things.

First, got some high praise from a friend I sent your way. We had a meeting the other night and he made a point to find me and tell me how pleased he was with you and your service.

Too often we are guilty of complaining when service is not up to "par", but don't take the time to say things when a business gets it right. You always get it right!

Take care,

Thank you to Davey Johnson for all the digging around for the parts I needed for my 94 Jag XJ6!! You've been kind and havent treated me like most mechanics treat women... I appreciate your honesty and your prices are VERY fair! Thanks again!!
Ali (Alissa)


First I would like to say that the part I ordered for my Jaguar was a perfect fit worked well no hitches, arrived when you said it would.

Joe Newman

Thanks Davey,
Truly Appreciate All Your Help and Excellent Service!!
Best Wishes

Hi Davey.

Just wanted to thank you for everything, it all got here fine, very nice packaging, I was very impressed with your professionalism everything you told me regarding de condition of the parts etc. was correct, something that is not very common these days specially south of the state line. I saved all the information for further reference. By the way do you remember how I found you I was trying to remember the name of the web site but can not, if you know it please send it to me as I have a friend who is constantly restoring cars and thought it might come in handy for him.

Once again thanks for everything




Without a doubt the experience with your company has been tremendous. I deal with a lot of people on a daily basis and what I experienced goes beyond what I expected. I wanted to thank Davey Johnson for his attitude and commitment. I will definitely tell my friends, family and coworkers about your company and encourage them to purchase all their auto parts from you.


Joe Driscoll

Field Support

Dear Davey
Many thanks for shipping part to UK for me 1st rate service plugged it in Airbag fault sorted.
Once again many thanks for excellent service.


Thanks very much, it looks like the part I was looking for.
Fast shipping, Excelent service, Thanks so much!


Hi, I just wanted to thank you for your help in finding the parts needed for my "rare" 528i.You were am awesome stranger to talk with :-) I am going to recommend your business to a friend at work who has a 328ci.Again,thanks...Dave

Hey Davey

I really do appreciate the service you offer - It is really amazing. Living in WI and being in the business for 10 years I can't get service like you offer by my local providers. I will use you for all my purchases on my MB. Thank You !


Just to say thanks, part fit perfectly and operates like new!!


I received the parts for my 240D when promised and am extremely happy.

Thank you so much!

I will definitely be calling you in the future for additional parts.

Please "Keep Up The Good Work".... you're providing a wonderful Public Service!

Thanks Again,

Fort Myers Beach, FL


I received the motor and reattached it to the EPS Controller. I installed it this weekend in about an hour and everything went well. My problem appears to be corrected, but since it was intermittant, only time will tell.

I wanted to e-mail and thank you for all of your help. You were a pleasure to do business with and I will definately keep your card for any future needs.

Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Best Regards,


Dear Davey,

Item arrived on time and in good condition. Thank you very much for your
excellent service. It has been a pleasure dealing with you and your company.
I will definitely give you a call if I need parts again. I will also
recommend you to anyone who asks about buy experience with my search for
these parts.

Thanks again,


Hey Davey, Thanks again for the great service and attention to detail on my order, you will be my first call for parts I may need from this point forward


It has been a pure pleasure working with you on the part for my
Mercedes. I received the item as soon as I got to my office this
morning. This is an old car that I play with and as I need parts I will
definitely call you first.


Just wanted to let you know it all arrived, my windows are operational now! Thank you.

I may need the other fog lamp if it is availablehow much to ship to MX?

Debbie Silva

Davey,Got the rim yesterday and it is on my car. I am well please with the product and service. Thanks so much for helping me,.


Hey, just wanted to let you know that the visors you sent me work and look spectacular on my BMW. I won't hesitate to call you if I ever need anything else. As a matter of fact I think you might have a cd changer w/ cartridge that I could use. If you get a chance will you give me a price quote on it. It's for the 2000 bmw 528i. Thanks again Davey.



I just installed the works great! Thank you for all your assistance.


Got the package yesterday and the parts are in excellent condition. Thank you
for all your help and supremely fast service. I'll keep you in my phone book
from now on!

David W Hurst Jr
Auto Europe


You are most definitely one of the nicest guys I work with and I really appreciate you very much!

Kindest Regards,

Hello Davey !

Part worked fine !
Wanted to drop a line a say thanks for being so courteous and professional
as many in your line of business are not.
Thanks Again !



Hi Davey,
I pulled the right side front end apart on my Jag. To my surprise, the
shock is just fine. I then pushed and pulled on the spindle and could make
it clunk. It's the lower ball joint that's smoked! So much for having a
front end shop check it for me! I'm glad I looked at it myself!

I also wanted to thank you very much for working with me on this. You were
very courteous to answer all of my questions promptly and properly. And
that takes time. With as busy as people are these days, time is difficult
to come by and for that I thank you very much.

Best regards,


I would just like to acknowledge with kindest regards receipt of your call!

We are all busy and for you to go the extra bit to get me that part is greatly appreciated.

It was one of those things that was just a small pain that would just not go away.

Soon I will once again be able to hear the fm radio in its full power!



To the European Automotive Group, Davey Johnson, and hopefully all potential customers who are currently missing out on dealing with such a 1st class operation!

I have never, nor could I expect to ever receive the level, caliber, or quality of service that I have received from Davey Johnson at European Automotive Group. I called Davey on a Wednesday afternoon to find an impossible to find part. He found a previously evasive $2695.00 part for $ 400.00! If that wasn't enough; I called him back 5 minutes later and asked him to include 3 "Mickey-Mouse" plastic/chrome interior trim rings, anyone else in our lack of work ethics world would have blown me off and also promised me the world would be in the box. Now check this out... when I arrived home from work the following evening, a box from European Automotive Group beat me home! All 4 impossible to find parts, that I had requested were inside and intact (well wrapped and padded I must add)!!!!!!! And, believe it or not (I still don't) THE CHROME TRIM RINGS WERE IN THE BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on people, this type of service doesn't still exist. The following week I called Davey again to order a control module for the same car. Well, you know it, when I got home the following evening... the part was at my house waiting!

Davey, come on, get a life. No one works that hard anymore.

Yours in awe;

Anatacio, Atlanta, GA 3-23-09


I just wanted to thank you for your professional help with the eng for my 1998 740il. All 3 trans actions I have had with European Auto Group have been easy and handled with integrity

I recommend this organization every chance I get to all my friends and co workers. Keep up the great job and I'm sure we will be doing more business with this organization.

Thanks again, Michael Spooner 3-5-09

Thank you very much for your help! Many companies that I emailed didn't even respond after 24 hrs. I'll keep you at the top of my list when I need parts. My BMW now has 185K so I've been replacing a lot of items lately.

Have a good day!


Hi Davey,

The head rest's arrived and are perfect. Thank so much.


Very nice part, we're very pleased. Will use you again. Thanks. Shyla


You are the prince among auto part recyclers! I have posted positive statements on the MB forums about you and told everyone that they should call you first. Thanks for your follow up effort.




I just wanted you to know that the antenna arrived and was installed today. I have NEVER purchased a used piece of equipment so clean, perfectly matched, and properly shipped. Congratulations for a job VERY well done.

Now I find that I need a power antenna for a 1981 Mercedes 240D and also a cruise control module for this same vehicle. Please contact me with availability and prices.

I also have various other Mercedes that are in need of parts. Since I am impressed by your company, I prefer to do my business with you, even though I can only afford to do a little at a time. :)



Thanks for the super service. You were the FIRST one to respond to my internet request. You had the EXACT PART and color. You had the BEST PRICE and the package arrived less than 24 HOURS later using standard shipping. WOW!


Hi Davey,
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful customer service that I received from you. I greatly appreciated you personally inspecting the exterior passenger mirror for my 1988 Mercedes Benz 300CE. It arrived 3 days after placing the order, and it is now in place on the car. It was a perfect match.
Thanks again.

I'll keep you in mind - you have been by far the most pleasant to deal with of all the folks I have heard back from. Thanks!

Thank you Davey!!!

You're fantastic, I will use you guys for all my parts needs & tell everyone I know about you! Again, thanks!


Hey thanks Davey,

I've been putting off a few things on the car for a long time. I can't bear dealing with the local Mercedes dealer without breaking out into a sweat from anger and frustration.

If this process works as well as it seems to so far and the prices are fair, you will have a loyal customer for life!!

Thanks for the prompt service and personal attention, (another thing that some merchants seem to have forgotten about).



My name is Frank. Last week I ordered a door window and regulator for a 89 merc., I received the parts as scheduled and in excellent condition. I am so satisfied that I would like to request a quote for some other parts.

Again thank you for your professionalism and thank Cheryl, she was wonderful!!!


The oil cooler arrived today in perfect shape, however you guys got it off so perfectly I would like to know. Thanks so much. I will be in touch about some Volvo parts in the future and I am wondering how difficult it is to send large items to Vermont such as hoods and bumpers, etc.

Thanks again,



I buy my parts from you because I think you try to give me good advice (warn me off of things that might not be a good idea to get as a used part, etc.) and give me fair pricing as well.

Sorta makes me feel like I have a friend in the business!

Thanks for your continued assistance.

Best Regards,


"It's been a pleasure doing business with you as you are so courteous and responsive. Will keep you on file for future parts, as having an older car, I've spent thousands on parts to maintain it. Unfortunately, someone hit my taillight while parked on the street and just left it as is.

Thanks again and aloha from Hawaii. The Internet sure is a great invention." - Sandy

"It's me again, just to confirm that the part arrived today 8/10/05 a.m., well packaged and in perfect condition. It only remains to install it, maybe this weekend. I want to thank you for your courteous and responsible transaction, great communications and fast answers all the time. Will contact you in the future if need anything else." - Hector

"Hi received this part yesterday from your company. I ordered it on the 28th received it on the 29th. Part works. Great service and VERY FAST delivery. I appreciate it and will be ordering many more parts from your company in the future." - AJ

"Hi Davey ,

Just received the pan and it looks great even the gasket is good shape .
Thank You very much for jumping into action when I called yesterday ! I will definitively buy from you again." - AH

"I received the taillight on Saturday as promised. Had it installed today and it looks and works great. Thanks for your help. Should I need additional parts I will call you first. My '93 has 255,000 miles on it and still runs great, but new parts are just too expensive in most cases. ." - Marion 2-3-09

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